Également disponible en français.

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Page Hacker now comes with a formatting toolbar appearing in "edition mode". It enables you to play with bold, font sizes, colors, links, images and much more!

Capture de la barre de mise en forme

But more functionalities sounds like more potential problems. That's why I release today an alpha1 of version 2.0. It only includes English (en-US & en-GB) and French, and some small bugs (for free!):

  • "Save As" button isn't fully working (if you can help me, have a look at this MozillaZine forum topic), I hope it'll enable to toggle "edition mode" and save page with changes soon. A workaround: quit "edition mode" and use Ctrl+S or File > Save As.
  • There is a lot of buttons on the toolbar, and they may not be all visible with small screens. Though you can do a right-click on the toolbar and Customize, I hope I'll find something more practical.
  • That's it! Please report any other bug you may notice!

Install Page Hacker 2.0α1